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Fluvial=river.  You live in a town called POWELL RIVER.  Do the math.  SHHHRRRIIIEEEKKK!!!!
A concerned Sludge asshole

Dude... Please get some help from mental health.

you think too Much
billy joe


u r gay and powell river is the best town ever u nut

Callum Houston for mayor!
The Believer

The chem trails are getting worse…. Now we have to cover out wells on our property. No one in the county is willing or “able” to comment!
Carlos del Rey

Callum what the FUCK is this
Lonely and confused

Hey if you still live in Powell River I need to meet you. My ex-girlfriend experiences precisely the same symptoms that you do and her meds have never done anything but sedate her to the point where she just sleeps. The harrasement, and molestation and the bursts of rage that you describe are all the same for her. My cousiin also was a victim of Electronic Harrasment when she was a political activist in Vancouver through 2013. The zapped her so good on the sky train that she had a seizure and passed out and woke up alone in the same spot hours later. anyways please email me.

u r fucked Mate

Skeeter jacks food is hit and miss....

You are mentally ill.

I think you are Nuts

You\’re an idiot!

You are an idiot!
C. Clark

The High Schools on Maui tested the aerial spraying and found aluminium and barium in deadly quantities.
Don Jusko

Golly you have reached the domain of the Cranky OLD Farts and I can’t even guess how old you really are. Life is too short to sound like such a blood old misery-ass. And worst of all you’re a hopeless windbag...on and on and on and on and on without making your point...or a suggestion of improving our lot in life. Give it a rest.......please....go sit in the a book....
Mary Koivu

Very interesting story you’ve related here.
Dean Unger

I was with you right up until the bat/Lina Flying around in your house Come On Man ???

I once met Marcel, and he is an amazing person as well as an amazing musician. Thank you for the article. I feel so sad about his tragic accident.
Carla Mobley

holy cow wow

When you asked Gary if he knew what chemtrails were and he didn’t, why didn’t you inform about the toxic chemicals that are in them? Or is he just pretending he does not know what chemtrails are?  I am confused.
Karen W.

You pay taxes no matter how ridiculous because the criminal organization called government will jail you, or shot you. There is nothing wrong with taxation if fair, but in no way is it fair when paying so much for so little. Bad spending practices, and pocket lining is the main reason for the theft called taxes anymore.

the power to tax is the power to destroy.

Totally love your work Callum !
Cherry Lynne White

I was just driving along the other day here in PR and pulled over to take a call so I wasn’t driving and talking...  There was a police vehicle parked on the other side of the road.. When I started driving, the police vehicle on the other side of the road did a u-turn and put on it’s lights to pull me over. When he did he told me that he pulled me over because my type of vehicle had issues with rust on the frame... Sure my vehicle has rust, but I mainly use it on the logging roads and drive it at 60 klm per hr on those roads most of the time.. If there was an issue with the structual integrety of my vehicle it would have fallen apart from the hard use it gets. They are forcing me to take the vehicle offof the road now even though I know it has 5 more years of life in it... Like WTH?

NO SHIT IS NOT OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE€¦ THE REPRESSED FEELINGS ABOUT OTTER DUNG HAVE TO DISPLAY THEMSELVES SOMEWHERE Congratulate yourself since you MR. BEACH BOY are the very first person ever educated in the Powa Riva educational system who understands the definition of the English word DUNG.

Zombie sprays: Hey bud, just read some of your articles, found you through a FB link. I have to tell you that the spraying is global, not just Powel River. Here in Montreal they have been at it very heavily so as to influence weathyer in the U.S. is a good place for info. For your skeptics...there is a site, I think (?) where you can see real-time radar of air traffic. You can see and point to commercial jets, but the “project cloverleaf” bastards do not register. They don’t have the transponders. Keep watching and stay outa that fog, Andrew Bobeldijk
Andrew Bobeldijk

You clearly are the TRUE voice of Powell River......Keep up the good work!
Richard Kuklinski

hey I live in PR too, and have had similar experiences. Add me on FB or something.
Danny S.Ketch

another good post..  :)

Read it. Heavy !!!
Marcel Perigny

Callum you have done it again your work on the police force in Powell River, is very informative as always. It’s amazing what the Police Force are doing, attacking People with a mental illness. Just goes to show you how corrupt the system is , doesn’t it !.
Cherry Lynne White

I can so relate with your write-up. It is bang on, maybe they are all stoned on the drugs they seize, who knows? re: tazering, they could have killed my son, many times, I told them he was epileptic but the tasered him every chance they got, beat him, kicked him in the head and arrested for nothing! Thank God he no longer lives here. you t/c and keep on standing up for your rights! - Karen

u gotta hear the shit they bin pulling on me the last couple years ...

Remind me Callum to never set foot in Powell River !Great read though by the way ....
Cherry white

The real shame is the mentally ills well being, and mental state is not considered when took from a loving family, and the police, and medical people know this.  I hope things correct themselves for the above mentioned.
William Miller

I’ve got a story for you about these crooked drs in Powell River.
Casey Hull

you are not alone and we are all with you
James F Lico

“Another thing that happened after I put up last month’s piece was I came across a bunch of articles on the Internet about other people who’ve been stalked with electronic harassment, including a woman in Nanaimo. ” The woman in Nanaimo, that is me..if you need to talk, I am available
Debbie Newhook

thanks for the information.
Marcel Perigny

the sexual assaults are real and they have been raping me for over 10 years with this tech
Debbie Newhook

don’t forget CYBERSTALKING, the crime everyone in town is knee deep in , splicing those fake videos together getting college students to add your face in.... what grade will they get on their animation “set up” project??? Probly an A.... as long as it traumatizes the victim.... the work can be sloppy
Thursday Wellington

Whoa! I smell a book in the offering , amazing stuff SF, coupled with enough sexual encounters to keep the reader happy!.....
Cherry Lynne White

yes... they are always talking about my sexual deeds.... “yea we got a video of her doing this that and the other”.... then they pass these around to TRUCK DRIVERS.... who then film my genitals whilst I am trying to sleep.... we call this “electronic rape”.... this is human trafficking... at it’s stealthiest.... and what do targets get out of it???? CANCER....
Thursday Wellington

they call this “tracking”.....
Thursday Wellington

I just love your posts Callum , even though your home town like everywhere in the States are full of corrupt police . Here too they are the same , in Melbourne they shoot first then ask questions later . Don’t we pay them a wage to protect us ? .
Cherry Lynne White

Hi from lee in Surrey....there are many ti’s here in Vancouver and I know a few on the Island as well. You are the only TI I know of on the Sunshine Coast though. You can’t be the only one...there must be more.
Lee Denis

So sad ..hearts if stone :-(
Colette Mounts

Read your #15, and it brought back lots of memories....AC/DC Back in Black has lots of memories for me (not so much the music), but the time slot. Oh hey, thanks for bringing up KISW...I loved that station, and was so hoping I could pick it up when I moved back here ..nope :( I love Paul Hyde (Mr. Personality)... He might be a Canadian now, but he’s a Brit (Bad on you), I  think he is from Yorkshire (Leeds)....and crap I think he has lost all his hair! He had a cool look back in the day... Ha ha Bryan Adams..My X said back in the day he was at a party, and in came Glam Bryan Adams (Sweeney Todd). I think Sweeney Todd played here, but their gear got unplugged doing a set...It happened somewhere I was long ago... Latest news...My friend in Wales saw Robert Plant out and about a pub like place, “Victoria Inn”... Keep up the painted some pictures in my mind...and that’s a good thing!

This is an excellent rendering of the interview. Callum Houston you are a very good reporter/writer. Keep doing.
Marcel Perigny
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